Important Information regarding Coronavirus COVID-19

You will know by now, that Coronavirus is a very serious illness and that the Government are doing all they can to halt the spread of the virus and ensure that the elderly and vulnerable are protected as much as they possibly can be. That means following some very stringent rules, making sure that you are keeping yourself and your family, friends and neighbours safe too.

Please remember to wash your hands often, taking 20 seconds to ensure that you have done them properly. (To see how to wash your hands watch this video –
Avoid physical contact by keeping at least 2m (6ft) apart from anyone that you meet at the door, or in the village shop or supermarket.

STAY AT HOME as much as you possibly can, if you HAVE TO GO OUT, MAKE SURE IT IS ONLY FOR ESSENTIALS, FOOD AND MEDICINE SHOPPING – but IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO OUT PLEASE STAY AT HOME. The more you move amongst other people the more likely it is that you may get or spread the virus.
PLEASE DON’T BUY ANY MORE FOOD AND DRINK THAN YOU REALLY NEED. If everyone stopped stockpiling, the shops would be full again and everyone could get what they need. If you buy in bulk, you are stopping key workers such as NHS staff, delivery drivers, police and ambulance staff etc from being able to access vital supplies, and the elderly and vulnerable people who we should really be looking after, often go without. PLEASE. PLEASE THINK OF OTHERS – THE ONLY THING WE SHOULD BE SPREADING IS KINDNESS.

Please stay safe – you can visit the following websites for advice:
Government Coronavirus information -

Fenland District Council –
Doddington Medical Centre –

Please take great care of yourselves and make sure that you keep in touch with family, friends and neighbours by phone – but PLEASE STAY AT HOME – LETS STOP THIS VIRUS

Thank you
Ruth Hufton
Chair Doddington Parish Council.
Tel: 01354 740323
Mobile 07787631153 :

For anyone wishing to help those who cannot get out please print a copy of this below

If, following your discussion with a healthcare professional, you have been issued with a prescription, we would ask that someone else collects it. If there is no-one else available, please remain in your car, phone the surgery and the medication will be brought to you.
People collecting routine prescriptions will also be asked to wait outside until the dispenser is available, there will be controlled access to the dispensary. This is to protect both staff and patients.
Telephone requests for repeat prescriptions have been temporarily re-instated, please be clear about the names of the medications you require. The phone line will obviously be very busy.
To order a repeat prescription, please either:
• Request your repeat medication online (preferred method)
• If you are not registered for this online service:
Download the SystmOnline App to your mobile devise from the AppStore or GooglePlay or
By clicking on Online Services on the surgery website
Telephone the surgery to request online registration
You will be sent a text with your User Name and a Password. (The password will have to be changed after your first log in.)
• Telephone the surgery between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00 and press option 2 for dispensary. (Ignore the message that says prescriptions can not be requested by telephone, this procedure has temporarily been relaxed.)
• Please DO NOT send paper requests as the virus is transferable via paper.

THE ONE STOP SHOP 41a High Street, Doddington
Tel: 01354 741032
Open 6am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 9pm Saturday and Sunday

DODDINGTON NEWSAGENTS – 30, High Street, Doddington
Tel: 01354 740048
Open 6am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 6am to 7pm Sunday

For a copy of the diary please use the link below