Parish Council Buildings

This page will eventually hold the history and photographs of all Parish Council owned buildings within Doddington.

The Bier House

A Potted History of the Building as supplied by local historian, Mr David Edwards

The building, which stands near the junction of Benwick Road and High Street in the Conservation Area of the village, was built in 1833 and was used to the local Fire Engine from 1833-1945.

It had been sold by the Parish Council to North Witchford Rural District Council when they took over responsibility for fire fighting in 1939 but bought back by the Parish Council in 1946 after it had closed as a fire station.

It is believed to be the oldest surviving fire engine house in the county.

Since 1961 the building has been used for storage and a garage.

In 1948-49 and between 1955-60, the building was used store the local Bier, which is a stand on which a coffin or casket containing a corpse is placed to lie in state or to be carried to the grave. Between these dates the Bier was stored in the Church or churchyard  shed but in 1979 the Bier was loaned on a permanent basis to March Museum.

The Parish Council secured a grant in 2015 from the Burnthouse Farm Windfarm fund via the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation for the replacement of the double doors including repair works to the external brickwork and flooring.

Photographs of the restoration work both before and after..



Work in progress2


Completed work1