Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes

Normal monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month (except August when there is no meeting) at the Church Rooms, New Street commencing at 7pm. The first 15 minutes of each meeting are reserved as a platform for Parishioners to ask questions of the Parish Council. All are very welcome to attend.

Dates of meetings in 2018

November 14th

December 12th

DODDINGTON PARISH COUNCIL Agendas and Minutes for 2018

Agenda January        Minutes 10th January 2018

Agenda February      Minutes 14th February 2018

Agenda March           Minutes 14th March 2018

Agenda April              Minutes 18th April 2018

Annual Parish Assembly Doddington Annual Assembly 2018 Chair Report

Agenda May                Minutes 9th May 2018

Agenda  June              Minutes 13th June 2018

Agenda July                 Minutes 18th July 2018

No meeting was held in August 2018

Agenda October          Minutes 12th Sept 2018

Agenda October

Agenda November


DODDINGTON PARISH COUNCIL Agendas and Minutes for 2017

The Doddington Annual Assembly was held 23rd May 2017.  Please click on the link for the report from the Chairman of the Parish Council DODDINGTON Annual Assembly chair report 2015 2016 new

Agenda January       Minutes 11th January 2017

Agenda February    Minutes 8th Feb 2017

Agenda March         Minutes 8th March 2017

Agenda April            Minutes 12th April 2017

Agenda May             Minutes 10th May 2017

Agenda June             Minutes 14th June 2017

Agenda July              Minutes 12th July 2017

Agenda August        Minutes 9th August 2017

Agenda September   Minutes 14th September 2017

Agenda October        Minutes 11th October 2017

Agenda November   Minutes 8th November 2017

Agenda December     Minutes 13th December 2017

DODDINGTON PARISH COUNCIL Agendas and Minutes for 2016

Agenda  January        Minutes 13th January

Agenda  February      Minutes 10th February 2016

Agenda  March           Minutes 9th March 2016

Agenda  April              Minutes 13th April 2016

Agenda  May                Minutes 11th May 2016

Agenda  June               Minutes 8th June 2016

Agenda  July                Minutes 13th July 2016

Agenda August           Minutes 10th August 2016

Agenda September   Minutes 12th September 2016

Agenda October         Minutes 12th October 2016

Agenda November    Minutes 9th November 2016

Agenda December     Minutes 14th December 2016



DODDINGTON PARISH COUNCIL Agendas and Minutes for 2015

Agenda  January            Minutes January 19th 2015

Agenda  February          Minutes February 16th 2015

Agenda  March               Minutes March 16th 2015

Agenda   April                 Minutes April 20th 2015

Agenda    May                  Minutes May 18th 2015

Agenda    June                 Minutes June 15th 2015

Agenda    July                   Minutes July 20th 2015

Agenda    August             Minutes August 11th 2015

Agenda    September      Minutes September 21st 2015

Agenda    October            Minutes October 26th 2015

Agenda    November       Minutes November 16th 2015

Agenda    December         Minutes December 14th 2015

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