Village Groups & Organisations

1st Doddington Scouts Cubs 8 to 10 years: Monday 6.45pm – 8.15pm Doddington Scout Centre, Benwick Road. Contact:  John Cronin Tel: 01354 740847

1st Doddington ScoutsBeavers 6 to 8 years: Wednesday at 6.15pm to 7.15pm in the Scout Centre. Contact John Cronin

1st Doddington Scouts 10-14 years old: Thursday 7pm – 8.30pm in the Scout Centre. Contact John Cronin

1st Doddington Guides -Rainbows Monday 5.30pm – 6.30pm at Doddington Scout Centre, Benwick Road: Contact Jane Groves Tel: 01354 740222 : or Liz Welcher 01354 741102

2nd Doddington Guides – Brownies Tuesday 6pm – 7.30pm in the Scout Centre contact Becki Fisher Tel: 01354 741398

1st Doddington Guides Wednesday 7.15pm – 8.45pm in the Scout Centre. Contact Jane Groves 01354 740222 or Liz Welcher 01354 741102

Doddington Under 5’s : 10 to 11 am Tuesday & Friday morning at the Methodist Hall £1.50 per session Chair Kelly Power Tel: 07921154403 Vice Chair Fiona Barnes Tel: 079178131146 Treasurer Sarah Royston  Tel: 07889995906  Secretary Angie Burkey Tel: 0796121315.

Parent and Children’s play session : At the Methodist Hall in term time only 10am to 12pm; Contact: Jane Groves 01354 740222

Doddington Carnival and Sports committee : Meet at 8pm every second Thursday in the month at The Three Tuns.  Contact Jason Shepherd on 07980795398

Doddington Events Calendar:

Pavilion & Recreation Committee : Meet at 8pm every 1st Monday of the month at the Pavilion, Benwick Road. To Hire the Pavilion Contact Andrea Harrison on 07766658701.   And don’t forget Bingo very 2nd Thursday of the Month, eyes down at 7.30pm.

Doddington Patient Participation Group: Contact Jill Tuck  Tel: 01354  742388

Doddington Christmas Lights Committee : Contact Anna Holland Tel: 01354 741175

Doddington Village Action Group: Contact Andrea Ison on 07766 658701

Doddington Village Hall: Contact Darren Adams Tel: 07739 245697

Womens Institute  Contact:  Anne Chambers Tel:01354 740225

Doddington 100  Club Contact:  Mrs L Payne Tel: 01354 740946

Royal British Legion : Contact  Debbie Williams Tel: 01354 741798

Jubilee Club 10am to 12pm Contact:  Gwen Dack 01354 740569 or Evelyn Hamps Tel: 01354 740094

Lionel Walden School Governors Contact: Mrs L Clarke Tel: 01354 740405

Lionel Walden School PTA  Contact Andrea Ison on 07766 658701

Doddington St Mary’s Parish Church Contact:  Eileen Clapham Tel: 01354 740522

Doddington  Church/Reading rooms : Contact Angela Cutteridge Tel:01354 740300

Methodist Church : Contact  Evelyn Hamps Tel: 01354 740094

Thrift Shop : Contact Gill Wyles Tel: 01354 741707

Doddington United Football Club: Contact  Neil Boyden Tel: 01354 740946

Benwick Athletic Football Club : Contact Mark Bishop Tel: 07415202877

Short Mat Bowls: Contact Rob Elmore 01354 740044

Abbey Skate Park : Contact: Ruth Hufton Tel: 01354 740323