Doddington Village Action Group

Well the Doddington Village Action Group has nearly completed its mission and is just putting the finishing touches to its last task of completing a village guide for Doddington. We have included lots of useful information regarding the village which will hopefully benefit existing residents and anyone moving to our beautiful village.

We hope to go to print within the next few weeks and distribute where possible to most of the residents, if we don’t manage to get to you please contact us and you can collect a copy.

You will all have seen the excellent booklet that was produced by the Doddington Village Action Group which was circulated with the Doddington Doings in April.

At the end of the report, there are a number of pages with projects that were raised from the questionnaire, which will be activated by both the Parish Council and a new Committee which will be formed to follow these projects through.

Here is an update on the progress with these projects at the end of January 2017.

Produce a ‘Welcome to Doddington’ booklet.  Completed

Refurbishment of The George Public House. The Parish Council Chair has been in touch with Elgoods Brewery and learned that they are hopeful of either finding a new Landlord, or possibly selling the premises to another brewery. Whichever way it happens, they are determined to keep the Pub as a community hub within the village. Refurbishment would take place in both scenarios.

Unfinished Houses on Newgate Street. This is an on-going problem to both the Parish Council, The District Council and the County Council, as we have been unable to ascertain the current ownership of these half finished houses. Notices have been served on the original owner, and the matter is now being dealt with by the legal departments of Fenland and Cambs Councils. We are pleased to report that the site, including the trees and shrubs which overhang the footpath have been cleared and a fence erected . The Parish Council will keep a close eye on this area.

Poor Street Lighting. The Parish Council are in detailed discussion with Fenland District Council with regard to the Parish owned lighting stock in the village. We are now awaiting a decision by Fenland DC on preferred contractors after which we will begin the updating of certain of our stock. The full repair/replacement may take up to two years to complete.

Dog Fouling. As there is currently no Dog Warden employed by Fenland DC we are unable to monitor dog fouling within the parish. However, in an effort to try and allieviate the problem, The Parish Council have purchased two additional bins, which have been sited on the Pocket Park footpath and the entrance to Washbrook Farm, and we have been gifted a further bin by a parishioner, which has been sited at the Abbey Recreation Field.

Reduce Speeding within the village. White Gates have now been introduced at the three main access roads to the village : Wimblington Road, Benwick Road and Primrose Hill. These were the chosen means of traffic calming, chosen by the Parish Council, and financed by funding from the Highways Improvement Scheme. As part of the scheme, The 40mph limit on Benwick Road has been moved back towards Benwick, and the 30mph limit has been moved back towards Wimblington, giving more notice to traffic that they are entering the village. This, together with the gates will hopefully slow traffic before it enters the built up area of the village.

Infrastructure Improvements within the village. The Parish Council are fully aware of the problems with infrastructure within Doddington and always refer to this when fighting planning applications.

Public Transport & bus timetables. Members of the Parish Council have attended and lobbied at Cambridgeshire Future Transport meetings over the past two years regarding lack of public transport in rural areas. However, a recent feasibility study, has shown that because of lack of funding, the present situation will remain.

Improve Signage and profile of the village to make it more welcoming. The Parish Council  have introduced Traffic Calming methods into the village, that announce the village boundaries and speed limits and we also intend to introduce floral areas at all three access road white gates..

Better promotion of activities within the village. The Parish Council have agreed to purchase a new and larger notice board which will serve both the Parish Council and the Church. This will be outside the Church Reading Rooms on New Street. The ‘Welcome to Doddington’ booklet will also serve to advertise all that is available within the village.

Improve Police presence and communication between PCSO’s and the local community. Our local PCSO is now aware through the Doddington Village Action Plan, where the areas are where villagers feel unsafe. She is often present in the village at school arrival and departure times, to ensure the safety of the parents and children. There is now a village Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator who is trying to raise new members, and we would encourage the use of eCops ( which is a dedicated website which gives a great deal of helpful information and advice.

Improve Communication from the Parish Council. We now have a Parish Council website ( which aims to keep parishioners abreast of what is happening in their village.

The Parish Council have moved their meetings to the Church Rooms, to make them more accessible to parishioners who wish to attend, and have allotted the first fifteen minutes of every meeting for parishioners to ask questions of the Council.

Our meetings have been moved to the second Wednesday in every month, to enable us to give a report that can appear in the Doddington Doings of the same month.

As already mentioned, we have commissioned a new notice board which should be more accessible to people within the village.


Further updates will be posted on this website as and when they occur.