Community Speedwatch

What is Community Speedwatch?

This is a scheme to allow volunteers to address speed concerns in their communities: This is achieved by:

Undertaking high visibility roadside operations to educate drivers, by displaying their speed on a digital display with a view to improving driver behaviour.

Reporting to the Police the details of speeding vehicles in specific areas where speed is of concern. These speed monitoring reports enable the police to:

a. Send advisory letters to the registered owners with the aim of informing them of the speed their vehicle was travelling at in excess of the speed limit.

b. Use the data gathered to inform Police and others on the allocation of resources and general road safety issues.

Delivering  locally based feedback and problem solving schemes where speeding is of specific concern to the Community, operated by volunteers and supported by the Police.

Speedwatch is not enforcement: it is about raising awareness of speeding within communities and educating drivers.

Wimblington and Doddington Community Speedwatch

The topic of speeding vehicles was a regular discussion point during the Wimblington and Doddington Neighbourhood Watch meetings. Now, with help from Cambridgeshire Constabulary, we are up and running.

A small group of volunteers from both villages teamed up to form a Community Speedwatch team and our training took place in April 2016. Since then, we have been out regularly in both villages, in various locations and to date, the average number of vehicles speeding excessively has registered at 4.6%

We are a small group and do need more volunteers to enable us to continue to promote safe driving speeds within our villages.

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N.B. Community Speedwatch is not run by the Parish Council but we felt it important that their presence was facilitated on our website.