Care Network Responsive Support Services for Covid-19

For those who are self-isolating or social distancing due to being categorised as vulnerable, CNC can support as follows:
• Staff and volunteers can telephone people who are self-isolating or social distancing and would benefit from a regular wellbeing call or just a check and chat call.
• Community Navigators can provide a triage service into the voluntary and community sector – we hold and update details of local voluntary sector and community capacity to help wider system manage capacity and need.
• Staff to provide support with essential shop and drops the value of contactless payment, for clients who have no other means to access food.
• Staff and volunteers able to drop off medical supplies or prescriptions
• Outreach telephone support to migrant communities (please contact:
• 7 days cover until social distancing measures are recalled.
o Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm, with volunteer wellbeing, check and chat support available between 8am-8pm.
o Weekend support: 10am-4pm, with volunteer support as above
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough – The process for delivering responsive food shopping or the delivery of medical equipment or supplies is:

  1. Client or referer to call: 01223 714433 with food shopping list, they will need: to confirm why self-isolating or social distancing and that they cannot access food shopping via any other route. How much food they have left and when they would ideally like the food shop to be done. Confirm if they have a contactless bank card that they are happy for CNC staff member to use. If calling to request delivery of medical supplies / equipment please provide: recipent name, contact details, what assistance is required, where this to be collected from. Any other relevant information
  2. CNC will identify if can meet need, call back client to confirm name of staff who will be coming to support (for shopping) or name of volunteer (for medical supplies etc). If we are not able to help we will seek permission to source support elsewhere
    All social distancing infection control procedures will be followed at all times
    Telephone and Wellbeing Support – Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
    Referrals can be made directly by client or other professional, with prior consent of client to share their contact information. Please call 0330 094 5750. Whilst our volunteers can provide a light touch approach and schedule calls to check and chat, we also have a team of wellbeing support staff who can support those who are experiencing negative impacts on their wellbeing such as low to moderate anxiety or low mood due to self-isolating and social distancing.
    Primarily the support will be to enable people to still feel in contact with others. Where needed, information will be given to support people to manage how they might better cope with challenging

feelings using a range of different strategies and resources, so that they can improve resilience as well as discussing self-care. Volunteers and staff will also be able to refer clients for shopping and other support should it be required.
Community Navigators – Triage Service into Local Voluntary Sector Cambridgeshire
Fenland: 01354 695208