Your Parish Council

Doddington Parish Council

This website allows the community of Doddington to access information about your Parish Council, upcoming plans and general points of interest within the village.

It aims to keep our parishioners updated with the projects that the Parish Council are currently working on. For full information about this, you can access the minutes of the Parish Council meetings on another page within this site.

Parish Council Aims and Objectives

To provide effective, efficient and accountable local government for the parish, enabling residents to be involved in the life of the community and its future development.

To be a strong voice for residents and local businesses, working to improve the overall village area, both built and natural.

To understand and communicate the views, needs and aspirations of residents and  businesses to statutory and non-governmental bodies, as required.

Increase public involvement in the community through ensuring the parish council and its activities are open, transparent and accountable to residents.

Support local business and economic activity in the village.

Work with the District Council to provide safe, healthy and timely opportunities for recreation, leisure and education, and to provide improve and maintain play equipment and public recreation spaces.

To support the work of village voluntary organisations through practical support.

Respond to planning applications and other statutory consultations on time, ensuring that recommendations made to the District Council adhere to the village wishes, statutory regulations and the interests of the community.

Promote, within our community, activities which support the principles of environmental sustainability and an ethical society, working to help keep public places clean and safe.

Ensure that  Councillors have access to high quality training and development opportunities and that they meet all required standards.

Doddington Parish Council

Meets every second Wednesday in the month (apart from August when there is no meeting) at The Church Rooms, New Street at 7pm. The first 15 minutes of each meeting are reserved for parishioners to ask questions of the Parish Councillors. If you live in Doddington Parish, do come along to the meetings, you will be most welcome.



Ruth Hufton, Millfield Lodge, High St, Doddington, PE15 0TH Tel: 01354 740323 email:


Bill Whittaker, 21 High St, Doddington, PE15 0TF Tel: 01354 740333 email:


Hilton Fisher, Fountains Court, 48, Benwick Road, Doddington PE15 0TG Tel: 01354 740221: email:

Ian Gowler, Grove House, 22 Primrose Hill, Doddington, PE15 0SU Tel: 01354 667005 email:

Andrea Harrison, 1, Chestnut Close, Doddington PE15 0FL Tel: 07766658701 email:

Pat Jolley, 25 High Street, Doddington, PE15 0TF Tel: 01354 740396 email:

Ray Mason, 7 Newgate Street, Doddington, PE15 0SR Tel: 01354 740475 email:

Jason Shepherd, 37 Bevills Close, Doddington, PE15 0TT Tel: 07980795398 email:

John Welcher, Washbrook Farm, Benwick Road, Doddington, PE15 0TY Tel: 01354 740442


Roger Wilkin, 24B School Lane, Manea, PE15 0JN Tel: 01354 680892 email:

CAMBRIDGESHIRE CC  and FENLAND DC COUNCILLOR:  David Connor, Tel: 01354 462690  Mobile: 07711752773 email:

FENLAND DC COUNCILLOR: Maureen Davis, 5b March Road, Wimblington, PE15 0RN Tel: 01354 741894  Mobile 07988982200 :email:

Parish Council Sub-Committee Representatives:-

Street Lighting                       Cllrs Jolley and Whittaker

Planning                                   Cllrs Gowler, Shepherd and Fisher

Parish Charity                         Cllrs Welcher and Hufton

Risk Assessment                     All

Abbey Rec Ground                  Cllrs Whittaker, Shepherd and Mason

Flag                                             Cllr Welcher

Clock                                          Cllrs Mason and Shepherd

Website                                      Cllr Harrison

Village Maintenance              Cllrs Hufton and Whittaker

Cemetery                                  Cllrs Mason, Gowler, Welcher Harrison and Fisher

Parish Council liaison on related committees:

Burnthouse Farm Windfarm Fund: Cllr Hufton

Ransonmoor Community Fund: Cllr Whittaker